AABAR is a member of the Alliance of Bar Associations for Judicial Screening. As an Alliance member, the Arab Bar investigates, interviews and issues recommendations regarding candidates for judicial office to obtain a fair, accurate and complete evaluation of all candidates. The Judicial Evaluation Committee (“JEC”) is an independent committee within AABAR that evaluates candidates and ensures the fairness of its ratings upon completion of its evaluations of judges. The JEC adheres to the Alliance Guidelines and Outline of process implemented by the Alliance.  The JEC conducts evaluations and produces ratings for both elective and appointed candidates.  Consistent with the Alliance Guidelines, the JEC considers the following criteria in evaluating candidates: character, integrity, and impartiality; experience, legal knowledge and ability; temperament; court management, diligence and punctuality; diversity awareness; and capability of performing duties.  At present, candidates are rated on a Recommended/Not Recommended scale.

Co-Chairs: Sandra Frantzen (McAndrews Held & Malloy) and Mona Naser (Carlson Dash)
Contact: arabbarjec@gmail.com

Arab American Bar Association of Illinois